Kind Words

Elyse, on my birthday I was given your CD by my mom! I was so excited. I have been playing in the car and it is FABULOUS! It helps to calm me down and be still. I love the way I feel closer to God as I listen to it. You have amazing gifts! Thank you for sharing them with all of us.


"I wanted to let you know how much I love your new CD. Every song is so beautifully done, but "Be Still" and "Say Yes" really speak to me. I look forward to my word commute because I get to listen to both of your CDs which makes it so prayerful."

- Diane L.

"I absolutely love your new CD. I play it over and over again. It truly places my spirit in the heavenly realm. Thank you for sharing the heart murmurings of your soul with all of us."

- Elise B

WITH ALL MY HEART is a very beautiful CD comprised of a group hymns developed around scripture. It is THE CD one must have for every life situation. It provides such wonderful tranquility, joy, and thought, especially for those who are separated from God’s friendship; those who are ill, grieving, suffering, afraid, lost, estranged. It will deepen the faith of all those already in a relationship with our Lord. Listening to this CD will bring you amazing peace throughout the day or night; it will bring you immediate peace in the middle of a stressful day. Each prayer has a beautiful melody. Elyse O’Kane has created each of these melodies with love and joy and associated it with the perfect piece of scripture. I know that each melody and each prayer will reach the heart of anyone listening to WITH ALL MY HEART.

- Martha C. Lewis-Cobb, Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Elyse, I got your CD for my birthday and I want to tell you how awesome it is. I just love your music. I play it in the car and it lifts my heart and spirit to God. Thank you so much for making it.

Elyse, I have to tell you, I have never been so moved with any other music, and I am ever so grateful that Jesus has given you such a beautiful gift to help spread His Word, and to praise and glorify Him and His Mother Mary. I pray that He continues to use you as His instrument to create more music to help minister His people. I believe your music has made me a better person/Christian. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I want to be able to share with others what you have given me.

- Patti, Pennsylvania

Elyse, I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying the music. I have been listening to it more lately and find it so peaceful.

I love your album. Your voice is soft and gentle but there is a strength to it. The music arrangements are really creative. It’s very inspirational!


Elyse, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a blessing your new CD has been for me. It really brings me to the feet of Jesus and allows me to rest in Him.

- John B.

The CD is fabulous. I like every single cut, and I always knew that that is what the Magnificat song should sound like! My husband even likes it: He said it was quality music and very soothing and better than anything he had in his collection (150 tapes).

- Cheryn

Dear Elyse, I just had to contact you again after listening to your CD again. You have filled a deep-seated need in me that I’ve had for awhile but could not fill. I have many praise and worship CDs and they are all wonderful in their own way, but I wanted something that was quiet and called me into the presence of God. That’s what your CD does! So I plan to listen to it each day for my prayer time. Already I have felt the Spirit stirring in me in a new way. Just had to let you know what a joy your CD is.

- Barb

Dear Elyse,
I am listening to the CD “With All My Heart” right now and I am delighted with it! I bought the CD because the Angelus is on the play list—that prayer has a special meaning for me, but, the rest of the songs are fantastic as well. Your version of Hail Mary gave me chills it was so elegant. Thank you for listening to the call of our Lord when you created this marvelous and passionate CD. I know the Holy Spirit guided me to your website as I was just poking around looking for Catholic Music

I definitely plan on ordering another CD next month! You do have the voice of an angel and I am grateful you have shared it with us all. 

- Claudia, Tennessee

Today I had a breakthrough! In my busyness, always striving to be efficient and manage my responsibilities perfectly, I decided to first listen to a couple of songs on your CD with the lyrics in front of me.  It was one of the so few quiet times in my house. It was so prayerful and beautiful. I chose to STOP my busyness and listen to the whole CD, embracing every beautiful word. I found myself with chills when it was finished playing.


Wow, I love your new CD. I have your first CD worn out and totally memorized. Now I get to pray with this one!! I love how so many of my favorite prayers like the "Glory Be" and the "Memorare" are put to music!!! Wow, the Holy Spirit is moving again in your music!

- Angela S.

Dear Elyse, I was able to listen and enjoy your beautiful and inspiring music this weekend. I have attended MAGNIFICAT breakfasts for the past two years after our Blessed Mother brought me back into the Church. I have been so touched by your ministry and your musical gifts and will treasure your recording forever. Thank you for sharing all your personal thoughts, prayers and musical talents. God Bless You

- Patty

Hi Elyse, We used your new CD, with your Magnificat arrangement, to open our praise and worship for the praise and worship part of this month’s meal and the women were so touched by the Holy Spirit. Several came up to us after the meal and inquired about your CD. They told us that your music had really touched their hearts. We know that it is the anointing that is on your music. God bless you and continue to pour out His Holy Spirit on your music to touch His people. Thank you!

- Kay

Elyse, I just want to let you know that since I bought your CD, I have been playing it over and over again. There are just so many songs that inspire me. I particularly love the Come, Holy Spirit Song and the Magnificat Song. Every time I hear the Magnificat,I picture a circle of little girls dressed like Mary, honoring God through their dance. Also, the Remember Me Song has touched me personally. I feel it is me asking Jesus to forgive my sins and to remember me at the hour of my death. I thank God for giving you the talent to help others praise Him through your songs. May God continue to Bless your music ministry and your life.

- Christine, NJ

Elyse, I received your beautiful CD, A Time to Heal. The music is incredible! It's so soft, cooling, amazing and healing! It's so meditative. In each part of it I find Jesus. I love it so much!

Sr. Agnes, Rome, Italy