It’s so easy to give someone advice on how they should be hopeful. It’s easy to tell them how much God loves them and cares about them. It’s so easy to say that all will be well, when all is well in our own life. We’re pretty good at giving advice and being there for a friend or neighbor or even a stranger. We can easily console and comfort them. But how about when we’re the one who’s hurting, when we’re the one in pain? Can we believe the same words that we speak to others?

The times when we are struggling are the true tests of our faith. It’s where the spiritual rubber meets the road. Those same scriptures that we give to those entrusted to us are there for us to claim, as well. We can so easily give to others but it’s the receiving part that can be difficult. So what might be the barriers that would hold us back from believing God’s words for ourselves? Are we afraid that we aren’t worthy of receiving God’s mercy, God’s love, God’s healing? Do we believe those promises in His Word are for everyone else except for ourselves?

Pride is a rather sneaky sin. It can be blinding and disguise itself as humility. Pride can make us say things like, “I never pray for myself.” Or "God has other things to think about besides me.” Perhaps we think that we can pretty much take care of ourselves, and if we hurt or struggle it’s because we deserve it. A person with true humility will go before the throne of God and always ask for mercy and grace. One who has true humility knows that on her own she/he can do nothing or be anything. True humility seeks God for the salvation of it’s soul and understands that it has to have God's Hand on it’s life or it will cease to exist. 

God loves you so much that He gave his only begotten Son. He longs for you to receive healing, joy, mercy, and the abundant life. If you are hurting, if you are lost, discouraged, dismayed, ill, depressed, anxious, without a job, without food or money or whatever it may be, the Shepherd leaves the others to go and find YOU and carry you safely back. Do you believe that? That is the truth because it is in His Word. Believe for yourself. Trust that He loves YOU and wants the best for you. That is the real test of faith. 

Lord, I am sorry for the times that I have doubted Your love for me. I am ready to place myself in Your very capable Hands and believe that You will work everything out for my good. Even if things look very bad right now, I trust in Your goodness and place myself in Your ocean of mercy. Heal my woundedness and blanket me in Your protection. I am ready to receive your blessings for my life. Amen